IFPH provides specialised high quality training-workshop programmes aimed at leaders in public health.

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Our Mission

Open DiscussionThe International Forum for Public Health (IFPH) is a non-profit making organization devoted to contribute to the improvement and promotion of public health internationally, through education, training, workshops and quality scientific proceedings for better understanding of the science involved in human health and wellbeing. For several years IFPH has carried the flag of health promotion and disease prevention around the world, educating the next generation of health professionals. 

IFPH exists to deliver authoritative, evidence-based activities on public health and its related sciences in the context of health and lifestyle.  IFPH's workshops is conducted and communicated through a unique blend of science, education and training activities.

IFPH one and two-day workshops provide intensive support for health professionals, instantly upgrading their skill sets.
IFPH unites academics, government, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from across the globe to examine the impact of public health challenges on global health-force development.
IFPH regards public health science as intersections where multiple dimensions cross-paths: life sciences and culture, individual and community, ethics and evidence, research and action. In this complex context, IFPH is dedicated for its longer-term mission by collaborating with partners from all over the globe, to provide a firm foundation for progress in the future and to shape the new era of public health in the 21st century.

Address of Head-Office:
The International Forum for Public Health - IFPH
London, United Kingdom
Phone/FAX (+44) 0208 368 0257  ;  email: info @


IFPH's Standards

“To be the leading forum for Training-Workshops that sets the highest standards of education and quality in the region, aiming at cultivating professional competence and providing effective health and human well-being solutions.”

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